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Reaching the Postseason!

First off, Thank you to my friend Beth for offering up a ticket to me! I really appreciated it! I wish I could go to more games. Secondly, I was at last nights game and during the game I yelled out to Aubrey Huff “Daddy” Dollas’ , “You complete me!” I make no apologies to the people sitting in front of me, who turned around and gave me a weird look. I told them, “What? Haven’t you seen Austin Powers or Jerry McGuire?”  I have to say, Timmy pitched a great game with his 11 strikeouts. Lopez and Wilson adding to those making it 14 strikeouts. The man of the game Pat “the bat” Burrell, hitting a three-run home run. AMAZING!!  A great night for sure!

I may have said it before, but… This is a different Giants team. They are a bit like the team of the 80’s but different none the less. We have such a lively bunch of characters. Everyone on this team contributes in some way. It’s amazing to watch! I feel like I know them. It’s a great feeling.

With that said, Giants baseball is not for the faint of heart. Oh, no… The Giants Torture can be a bit much for some. Die-hard Giants fans know this torture all to well. We have learned to live with it. Much like earthquakes. I kid, I joke. Seriously though, frankly, I’m tired of all those fans who are jumping on the bandwagon now. The die-hard fans have put up with all the pain and the agony of defeat. We went through seasons of emotional roller coasters. We know who the die-hard fans are. We have to welcome those who were lost or maybe those who can’t handle the G-Torture. So I will say to them, “Welcome back to the show folks. These men out here are your 2010 Giants!” If your wondering, who I am to welcome these people, I am a Die Hard Fan!!

The Padre series is coming up and they lost to the Cubs today. So the NL West is in reach! I get goosebumps just thinking about it. I love “my” team and the men that wear the uniform loud and proud. They make me proud to be a Giants fan!